Metis is the website that provides DIY tutorials where you will discovery how easy it is to DIY and where you will dare to do projects you never imagined you could do. Metis is the place to get inspired and get ideas for changes at your home, either decorating it in a different way or repairing a broken element.

In Metis you will find different step by step tutorials for projects that you can do yourself at home. Independently of the project you decide to do, nothing will feel as good as when you finish a Metis project by yourself and you discover that you can do it easily.

You can pick different topics depending on the themes that interests you the most, ranging from Create, to Decorate, Install or Repair. All the topics have different levels of difficulty, so independently of how confortable you feel doing DIY, you can pick projects that suit better your level of expertise.

You will never feel bored because Metis DIY projects are presented in different formats, from video, to photos, animations or illustrations, all of them assuring that you have all the relevant details and information to help you proceed on the task with success. To help you in the more complex steps, you will also find some Tips that will make your job easier.

All the projects are developed with the support of Pattex, Loctite, Metylan and Ceresit.

Disclaimer: This project contains only ideas and advice. The descriptions are based on ideal properties of material and adhesives. If you deviate from the description provided above, you might not get the same quality in the result.